This year’s TSS is global and virtual

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One more week togo before TSS 2009 starts. Preparations are all going well and we are actually ready (one week early – even though none of us is really German :-)). Over the last days we received many e-mails from people from Iran to South Africa, who, for one reason or the other, are not able to participate (illness, time constraints, not getting visa in time, budget restrictions). They all sent us and the participants their greetings and wishes for success. Most will follow our postings on Twitter or this Blog. We invite everybody to post their questions or suggestions. If possible we will try to catch up on them during the course and so include the virtual community as well.
Keep in touch!

Discussion threads for International Terminology Summer School revealed

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These are the 3 main discussion threads that will be discussed and debated during TSS 2009:

1. Tools:
Which CAT tools are good for whom?
What are the best approaches to create a database that follows best practices and is tailored to individual needs?
How can technology make your work-life as easy as possible?
This group can also make use of the computer lab for demonstrations.

2. Skills:
What kind of skills are required of a terminologist?
How do we identify these skills, use and enhance them?
How can one qualify as a terminologist and promote a career in the field?

3. Glossary
How does one create a terminology database or a glossary?
What approaches and tools can be used to analyze corpora and to identify and select “good” terms?
What are the criteria for writing useful and correct definitions or collecting meaningful contexts?
What kinds of organizational approaches do you need to consider in your daily work?
We will follow-up these topics in this blog and hope for many comments. You may also send us questions which we may discuss in the groups.

What interests the international terminology manager this year?

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Hmm, interesting. We have just analysed what issues will be on top of the list of priorities for our TSS participants this year. Seems as if tools & co and web resources are quite popular. They will be considered accordingly – promise! Other topics found to be quite relevant (although in a more balanced way than the first two) are project management, copyright, training and skills discussion, standards and quality and ontologies (pretty much in this order). Thanks everybody, who sent us their rankings. This helps us and the trainers to refine and customize the programme.

International Terminology Summer School 2009

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We at TermNet and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences are in the final preparations for this year’s TSS (Terminology Summer School). After five years of steeply rising participant numbers we had expected the global economic crisis to slow down participation (we always still expect terminology to be the first item to be cut on the budget list, don’t we?). It is difficult to judge if it actually did, but even if so, with 58 participants we find that many companies and organizations know that an investment in capacity building in terminology management is worth it even in times of recession. Very good! We see this as a positive sign that the importance of communication, information and knowledge. And we will not complain, because it it also tells us as the organizers a thing or two :-). This year will be extra intense as there is a parallel course on terminology and intercultural dialogue organized by a joint project of universities in Turkey, Romania, Austria and Germany (we are involved, of course). And in this course a group of 25 students will also discuss issues that are highly exciting. I will try to report regularly before and then every day during the course about what is happening in Cologne in the week from 6-10 July. It is going to be intense but good!