Finally something – at family reunions for example – to impress even those who could never really hide their puzzled (or plainly blank) look whenever talk concerned what I do for a living. Admittedly, “working in the language field” sounds hopelessly vague, but I never succeeded to put it into shorter, more self-explanatory words. As hard as I tried! And for a long narrative there was simply never the excitement for people hold their attention long enough. To be honest, I suspect some of my friends and relatives still do not even consider what I do a real profession at all.

All my fellow “language professionals” will know what I am talking about.

But now my little problem is at least partly solved as I am currently being trained to become an auditor for certification of translation service providers (translation companies or one-man/woman-shows). Quality management – yeah, that’s something they finally grasp at the parties*. That is in itself surprising, if one considers that ISO 9000 series is not very old either. I will be an auditor for EN 15038 which regulates quality management for translation service providers (TSPs). It is based on the ISO 9000 idea and principle but addresses TSPs only by being quite specific about how a quality TSP shall operate.

I congratulate myself on my decision to do the auditors’ training. Besides finally having a “tangible” profession there is another big advantage in being an auditor: it’s a growing market of TSPs who get certified (and re-certified after a while), the number of auditors is still not overwhelming and so it promises some good business for me.

The training itself is not very complicated: two days theory, one day of pratice and the rest is a little more real-life audit observation. Finally a supervised audit that I still have ahead of me. And that’s all!

I can hardly wait for my training to be over so I can finally go to work.

More on training dates and locations in 2010, prices and programme:

Next trainings will be in January (Berlin), February (Antwerp) and April (Bonn).

* at least people are more convincing now that they know what I am talking about 😉