Go4Diversity is a new project concerning migration, diversity and integration in Austria

Our societies become more and more diverse and heterogenous, not in the least due to migration for a variety of reasons. This is a global as well as a national challenge. Austria’s public sphere has in the last years become increasingly dominated by topics related to migration and integration.Therefore, on the occasion of the International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures in 2010, the Austrian Commission of UNESCO, together with financial and ideological support from the European Integration Fund (EIF), the Austrian Federal Ministry for  the Interior (BM.I), and TermNet has launched an advocacy and outreach campaign to stimulate public debate. Go4Diversity constitutes a series of events which each concentrates on one focus theme:

  • Diversity of Languages and Cultures
  • Fairness and Anti-Discrimmination in Sports
  • Diversity in Science and Security
  • Information and Integration

An information brochure will inform about „What does it mean to be a migrant?“

More information coming soon on http://www.go4diversity.eu