Today, 13 May 2010, marks the 25th anniversary of the Centre de Terminologia (TERMCAT). TERMCAT was created by the Catalan Government and the Institute for Catalan Studies, with the purpose of working to foster and coordinate all terminology activities in Catalan. Since 1994, TERMCAT is a consortium, integrated by the two founder institutions and the Consortium for Language Normalisation. Over these 25 years of history, TERMCAT has established more than 6,200 new Catalan terms and published almost 500 terminology works, either printed or on-line, such as the recently published Lèxic multilingüe de la indústria (13,000 terms), Diccionari general de l’esport (11,000 terms) and La definició terminologica, a methodology guide. TERMCAT also offers an on-line consultation service with 25,000 registered users, and the option to download certain terminology works from the website ( for free.

The 25th anniversary celebration initiates a maturity stage in which TERMCAT needs to pay special attention to society and, more specifically, to specialists, agents and users, who play a primary role in the creation and diffusion of Catalan terminology. The challenge is now to offer support and coordination in order to join our efforts and become more efficient and competitive, in a global environment, in which multilinguism is still perceived as an extra cost.

In this 25th year of history, TERMCAT has also been awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality systems, which shows our commitment to innovation and constant improvement in order to keep boosting our language both in Catalonia and internationally.