Ma Lincong (Chief Editor); Christian Galinski (Coordinating Editor)
CAS Special Edition on Managing Product Data Globally
Beijing: China Association for Standardization, 2009. 56 p.
ISSN: 1672-5700

In order not to miss the train of the latest finding and developments of product data management and to better understand the current trends in international and European standardization, CAS has published a special issue on global product management with a special focus on Interoperability of Multilingual Electronic Business Processes Managing Content and Communication – Reducing Complexity


Roger Frost (Manager); Elisabeth Gasiorowski-Denis (Editor)

ISO Focus+ on Interoperability Vol 1, No. 2, February 2010

Geneva: ISO Central Secretariat, 2010. 49 p.

ISSN: 1729-8709

“Standards and interoperability are two sides of the same coin,” says ISO Vice-President Jacob Holmblad. “The rationale behind standards – whether for products, terminology, symbols or systems – is precisely to make “things fit together”, so that all stakeholders can communicate and understand each other seamlessly. This principle is the first and foremost prerequisite for effective interoperability.” This edition highlights some key examples of standards that are facilitating interopera-bility of products, services, processes and knowledge, such as for financial services. or interfaces for universal remote consoles for piloting a wide range of electronic devices in the “intelligent home”.

This year’s first issue of eDITion, DTT’s Terminology Journal, focuses on Terminology and Text Mining

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