SDL at Bloomberg TV: managing global content, trends and predictions for the future

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Watch this interview with Mark Lancaster, Chairman of SDL, at Bloomberg TV giving some hits about what is to come for the market of the global content management:


Terminology Services Information Day at OMG

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The Object Management Group (OMG) will hold their Terminology Services Information Day tomorrow in Long Beach, CA (USA) on the occasion of their Technical Meeting 2009.

The meeting will explore terminology services in terms of their business purpose, their role in furthering the semantic web, and their importance in achieving true semantic interoperability. The event will end with an open forum roundtable discussion.

OMG™ is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry consortium. It is an active liaison within ISO/TC 37 “Terminology and other language and content resources”.

Go to Reuters for press announcement: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS238581+30-Oct-2009+PRN20091030

How the state of the world economy impacts our professions

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Something we discussed last week with a few experts in “language-related professions” was about what the future will bring for us terminologists, translators, localizers, technical writers, etc. There is some indication that our field has not been hit as hard as others. Participation at our TSS 2009 training was nearly unaffected, for example. We also learned from Frieda Steurs during her presentations that the industry is growing.

But is this all that is to say? I mean, have we really weathered the economic crisis unharmed? Is it because what an expert said because in times of crisis companies concentrate particularly on the strategic improvement of quality and internal processes? More importantly, would they invest in this in times when cost-cutting is the word of the day?

Or may it be that recession is yet to hit us as – it is predicted to do with so many other industries – with a certain time lag?

I would be curious what you think about it. Your comments please!