It’s over – but not over yet!


TSS 2009 has closed doors for this year today. We think that it was just great! We wish all the participants a good trip back home. Nevertheless, we will all keep in touch. Here’s again our invitation to you all to join in the various discussions in this blog. Post your questions, feedback, suggestions for new topics etc.
Remember: you are TSS!

This year’s TSS is global and virtual

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One more week togo before TSS 2009 starts. Preparations are all going well and we are actually ready (one week early – even though none of us is really German :-)). Over the last days we received many e-mails from people from Iran to South Africa, who, for one reason or the other, are not able to participate (illness, time constraints, not getting visa in time, budget restrictions). They all sent us and the participants their greetings and wishes for success. Most will follow our postings on Twitter or this Blog. We invite everybody to post their questions or suggestions. If possible we will try to catch up on them during the course and so include the virtual community as well.
Keep in touch!